How it works

I love the idea of buying direct from a local  ranch. How do I get started?

We sell our beef in quarter, half and whole beef quantities. The majority of our our customers prefer quarters, since it is a reasonable amount of beef without requiring too much freezer space. When you are ready, simply complete the form on the “Order” page to get started.  If you are ordering a half or whole to split among friends or family, we are happy to generate multiple Paypal invoices for each party.

Will my beef be dry aged?

Yes, we dry age all of your beef for approximately 12 days before the carving process begins. In our experience, this is the ideal amount of time to dry age grass fed beef.

What does a quarter of beef cost?

The simple answer is approximately $700 per quarter. The real answer is that it varies-no two orders are exactly the same due to variances in starting and hanging weight, etc.

Our current pricing is $5.93 per pound hanging weight. This includes all processing and delivery to your door.

How much freezer space do I need?

A typical quarter will require about 3.0 cubic feet of freezer space. (36 inches in each direction.) The freezer in a 2nd refrigerator is usually more than enough. If you need extra freezer space, all major retailers sell small stand alone freezers starting at less than $200.

What cuts will I receive when sharing an order?

A typical quarter beef shown below both in pounds and percentages on a quarter that yielded 90 lbs of packaged meat.

Quarter beef Pounds Percentage
Steak cuts 14.25 19%
Roast cuts 12.75 17%
Round cuts 6.75 9%
Hamburger 33.75 45%
Other 7.5 10%

Steak cuts include ribeye, sirloin, T-Bone, porterhouse, etc.

Roast cuts include chuck, rump, shoulder, etc.

Round cuts include round steak, london broil, beef tips, stew meat, etc.

Other include short ribs, liver, soup bones, etc

How much beef will wind up in my freezer when I purchase a quarter?

The simple answer is about 85 lbs of packaged beef. The real answer is it depends on the starting and hanging weight, plus the weight loss that occurs in dry aging and processing to turn the quarter into the ideal individual cuts. A restaurant purchasing a whole beef for hamburger would have a much higher ratio of hanging weight to packaged weight than the typical consumer wanting the ideal cuts. We estimate a 35% variance from hanging weight to packaged weight as an estimate using optimal standard cuts.

How does the ordering process work?

1. Complete the order form.

2. We will contact you for a deposit which is very roughly 50% of an average order.

3. Once all four quarters are sold and the animal is being processed, we notify you with the final invoice which is based on the weight less the deposit paid.

4. Upon payment of final invoice, we will contact you to arrange the delivery, within a 75 mile radius of Austin. (we can sometimes make alternate arrangements for distances farther than 75 miles.)


How long does it take to receive an order?

Because we do not process until all four quarters are sold and the animal is at ideal size for maximum tenderness, waiting time can be significant. The only way to get an order is to pay the deposit reserving your place on the next order and we will notify you once all four quarters are sold and send you the final invoice based on the weight of your portion of the order. While the time varies greatly, 6-12 weeks is typical although it can be less depending on growth stage of our animals and the volume of deposits coming in reserving an order.


What is hw (hanging weight) and what does it mean?

Our prices are all based on hanging weight, which means the weight when we begin the dry aging process. The final total weight of the individual packages varies but will always be less than the hanging weight. Weight loss occurs as the beef is dry aged, as well as when unnecessary fat and bone are removed to create the best ideal individual cuts and packages.

Don’t Take Our Word For It…

Is this Watterson beef? I'm not eating it unless it is.
Carter, age 10, Georgetown TX