• Cattle Drive

Our Mission

Natural. Local. Grass fed. Sustainable. These are principles that Watterson Ranch has embodied since the 50’s. The 1850’s.

As the sixth generation to grow up on this land raising cattle, we grew up eating beef we had raised, a luxury then available only to family. Things are done right when you know your family will put it on their plates.

We produce food that is honest-no shortcuts, fillers or additives. We never use hormones or antibiotics. Our cattle freely roam and graze on what God has provided.  Fresh grass in the summer, hay from our own pastures in the winter, free choice natural minerals and plenty of fresh, clean water. Our cattle are never penned up in a feedlot or fed grain, a 100% contrast from the mass produced beef sold in most grocery stores.  Grass fed means it takes nearly twice as long to produce our Watterson beef, but we believe that quality matters-in the happiness of our animals, in our impact to the land and the world, and in the food that you consume. It matters.

Great tasting certified grass fed natural beef from a local, sustainable and proud Texas ranch, previously available only to our kin.

Welcome to the family.