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Here is what you get:

Beef that is certified as 100% grass fed, humanely raised, and is all natural meaning no hormones or antibiotics.  Our beef is dry aged for approximately 12 days, USDA inspected, and then processed in all of the standard variety of cuts. The round cuts are mechanically tenderized for maximum flavor, and the beef is then vacuum sealed for maximum freezer life,  labeled and flash frozen solid.  Delivered to your door at any single location within a 75 mile radius of downtown Austin.

Current pricing is $5.93 per pound based on hanging weight; a typical quarter usually costs around $700.


Don’t Take Our Word For It…

We bought a beef from Watterson Ranch last year. It was SO much better than anything you can buy in the stores. We shared it with our children and they all were wowed by how much better the meat tasted than the usual grocery store beef! We’re going to get more soon!
Robb and Sheri